“In this beautifully written, exhaustively researched, and deeply personal book, Katherine Ozment explores the challenges facing parents who want to raise moral, community-minded children in the absence of formal religion. Grace without God fundamentally changed the way I will raise my children.”
Steve Levitt, best-selling co-author of Freakonomics

“We are in new and uncharted territory. The family and kinship ties that once insured religious adherence are unwinding. What has been lost? Where might this new freedom take us? In her deeply personal quest to answer these questions, Ozment has created an important book for our time.”
—Ethan Watters, author of Crazy Like Us

“This book is perfect for those of us who have moved past religion but still crave community and sense of moral guidance. Ozment has interviewed dozens of  seekers, academics and spiritual leaders, finding secular answers to the big questions: What’s the meaning of life? How do we deal with death? What is our purpose? A satisfying and deep read.”
Julie Scheeres, best-selling Author of Jesus Land

“An engagingly personal exploration of parenting without religion that’s clear and honest, thoughtful and deeply felt. This is a brilliant addition to the growing chorus of voices in nonreligious parenting. Grace Without God is just that good.”
—Dale McGowan, author of Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers

“Combining the talent of a gifted story-teller, the erudition of a scholar, and the soft touch of a mother, Ozment takes her readers on an unforgettable examination of life’s deepest questions. Profound, moving, and uplifting, Grace Without God is a gem and is destined to become a classic.”
—Julien Musolino, Associate Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science, Rutgers University, and author of The Soul Fallacy: What Science Shows We Gain from Letting Go of Our Soul Beliefs

“I inhaled every word. Ozment’s curiosity and honesty in her passionate pilgrimage for secular community yield vital insights. Every parent wondering how best to raise a child without religion, as well as every person struggling to live a meaningful life, will find wisdom and sustenance in this important book.”
—Mary Johnson, author of An Unquenchable Thirst

“It’s not a spoiler to say that Ozment goes looking for grace only to discover she’s had it all along. From the first page, you’ll be struck by Ozment’s gracious curiosity, intelligence, optimism, and all-around secular loveliness. I felt proud to belong to her tribe-human and godless both.”
—Catherine Newman, author of Waiting for Birdy and Catastrophic Happiness

“So many of us don’t call ourselves religious, and yet miss much of what religion offered our parents and grandparents-a sense of community, morality, and ritual. Whether you are atheist, spiritual, an occasional meditator, or a confused seeker, this beautifully-written book will help answer some of life’s big questions.”
—Laura Fraser, best-selling author of An Italian Affair

“Ozment is not out to bash religion or defend atheism. Quite the contrary: with insight and sensitivity, drawing from her own experiences, Ozment presents a compelling, informative, and inspirational account. Highly recommended for those who no longer believe or congregate, but yearn to live a meaningful life all the same.”
—Phil Zuckerman, author of Living the Secular Life

“Katherine Ozment is a brilliant writer who, by investing years of passionate research, has made herself one of the most important voices in the world today on humanism, secularism, atheism, and community building for the nonreligious. It has been much discussed that today’s young Americans represent the least religious generation in this country’s history. But the big unanswered question is: What will it look like as these millions of young “nones” seek to raise morally engaged families and find supportive communities, without God or religion? Groups and institutions who understand the importance of such questions need to seek out Katherine’s work. ”
—Greg Epstein, author of Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe

“Grace Without God is a pilgrimage. Katherine Ozment is one of millions who have left traditional religion only to find that not only is something is missing in their lives, but that they long to give their children the meaning, sense of belonging and spiritual depth of religion. In Grace Without God we are invited to travel with her as she searches religion, philosophy, and social science in for tools to construct meaning in our time.”
Peter Morales, President, Unitarian Universalist Association

“This well-crafted, accessible exploration of a pressing topic, full of hard questions and astute observations, can serve as a springboard for discussion by parents—and others—who wonder whether people ‘need God to be good.’”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Ozment offers her own version of do-it-yourself religion, encouraging everyone to wonder, to seek knowledge, and to connect to a larger purpose. Grace Without God is thoughtful and insightful.”

“An informative and relatable discussion on the changing landscape of religion, society, and identity.”
Library Journal